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Arrowhead Animal Hospital


In addition to treatment for illness and injuries, we offer services for routine treatments such as administering fluids, toe nail trims, microchip installation, anal sac expression...almost anything you might need help with...we're here to help!


We offer in house full blood profiling, microscopy diagnostic and many other in-house diagnostic services. Tests that must be sent out for special handling are picked up by our reference laboratory partner on a daily basis. Most reference lab results are reported in 1-3 days.


Our digital X-ray system can capture high quality images in a matter of minutes. When needed, these images can be emailed to a veterinary radiologist for review and consultation. Consultation reports are generally available the same day.


Our newly acquired ultrasound machine allows us to preform preliminary ultrasonographic examination of the abdomen and the chest for a number of disease processes. A mobile ultrasonographer is also available to us when additional review is desired.


Our spacious and modern surgical suite is designed for your pet's comfort and safety. Our staff closely monitors all patients throughout their surgeries and post-op recoveries. Just as importantly , we take great pride in making all surgical  procedures as pain free as possible.

The list of surgeries available to our patients range from the more standard procedures like spays and neuters, to the more complex such as abdominal exploratories and bone and ligament surgeries.


The facts are in! Clean teeth help your pet live a longer, healthier life. Daily brushing along with routine exams by your veterinarian will help to prevent dental disease. Dental disease causes bad breath, but can also cause discomfort and pain and can result in loss of teeth and damage to the heart, liver and kidney. regular care is very important. We carry a selection of pet oral care products and are happy to demonstrate how to introduce your pet to tooth brushing.