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Arrowhead Animal Hospital

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Pets must be current on annual exam at Arrowhead Animal Hospital. 
VACCINATIONS:  Pets must be current on all vaccinations and given within one week prior to arrival date. Required vaccinations are as follows:

     DOGS:  Rabies, DA2PP, Bivalent Canine Influenza, Bordetella (Kennel Cough).  Please note the Bordetella vaccine is due every 6 months for boarding.

     CATS:  Rabies, FVRCP

FEEDING:  We feed Science Diet sensitive stomach and skin (included in the boarding fee). You may bring your pet's own food which we will feed at no additional charge.  Food must be in appropriate closable containers.  Detailed feeding instructions must be provided.

BEDDING:  You may provide your own bedding as long as it can be washed in our washing machine.

TOYS:  You may bring your pet's toys provided they do not pose a choking hazzard.

If your pet is ill at the time of boarding, we may require your pet to be boarded as a hospitalized pet (other fees may apply). 

Boarding Agreements: We ask for contact and emergency information at the time of boarding.

Printable Boarding Agreement for your convenience. (Click here)



Cat Condo 


 Dogs 0 - 25 lbs 


 Dogs 26 - 50 lbs 


Dogs over 50 lbs 


Medication Administration 

$  7.00